IQ Genex Guarantees your cerebrum cells: With the supply of fundamental typical fixings, oxygen and standard dispersal of blood, it repairs the hurt personality cells and furthermore creates new ones.Expands your mental limit: It urges you to think fastly and adequately than some time as of late. It secures your neuron cells and supply fundamental support to it for the flourishing of your cerebrum that finally assembles your mental limit. Keeps the strategy of oxidation: Formation of free radicals hampers your mind cells continuously that finally offer climb to inconvenience in reviewing things. That is the reason, this thing disappoints the methodology of oxidation and furthermore advancement of free radicals. Vivifies protein: There are distinctive protein that arrange by our cerebrum for its real limit, while in view of stress and creating age the affectation of protein starts reducing. While this thing fabricates its prompting for true blue limit of your brain.



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